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Scrapping and enrichment of ESNs on specific themes in Europe

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Problems encountered

Blueway wanted to start prospecting on a European scale for targeted ESNs, but didn’t have a list of companies and prospecting already prepared. The company wanted to target ESNs according to a list of precise criteria, such as themes covered, company sizes, keywords, etc., in order to adopt a personalized, qualitative approach.


To meet Blueway's need to create this list, we first targeted relevant companies via several sources such as: Google, Linkedin, directories, articles... to build an exhaustive list of companies meeting their criteria. Then we took an automatic screenshot of all the sites and built a module to review all the scrapped captures and information to determine whether we should keep the company or not. Once the selection had been made, Blueway validated the list for us so that we could retrieve all the relevant contacts in these companies with their contact details: Linkedin, email and telephone.

The little plus

Automation can't always meet 100% of the need. That's why at Stepward, we always combine human and automated approaches to guarantee a high level of quality.


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email recovery and 80% from Linkedin

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Discover our other references

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Shortlist of 8 candidates for the position of “Business Development Director”.

Valiantys is the world's leading Atlassian consulting and services company. Valiantys expects to recruit more than thirty people in 2023. With their HR team overloaded, they didn't have the time or the expertise to do a quick hunt for the Sales Director profile Erwan wanted. Having already waited 3 months for the job boards to produce results, they decided to entrust Stepward with sourcing and candidate hunting for this profile.

Un logo pour un restaurant appelé quai retraite.

Deployment of a massive recruitment campaign for 4 profiles


Une photo en noir et blanc avec les mots unistellaires dessus.

Successful recruitment of an International Trade Marketing

Unistellar is developing and marketing a new category of connected telescopes: eVscopes. In order to support their growth, Unistellar was looking for an International Trade Marketer who was familiar with their environment and could evolve in a growing startup environment. The challenge was to be able to recruit this profile while avoiding candidates who were too marketing-oriented. This is a common position in the retail and luxury sectors, but not in the industrial environment.

Un fond rouge avec les mots digital better.

Feeding candidate pools for developer profiles

Digital4Better helps companies create high-performance digital applications with an ecological design charter. Like all digital companies, their need for human resources is always growing. They had a need in their Rennes and Nantes candidate pools to recruit developers and tech leads.

Un logo noir et bleu avec la lettre m.

Creation of qualified candidate databases and training on Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite

Monsieur Guiz is a product management consultancy that places product managers, product owners and product designers with major accounts. They regularly encounter problems matching their available candidate pool with the precise needs of their customers. Their challenge was to expand their candidate pool and improve its accuracy.

Le logo des partenaires ibm.

Automate candidate prospecting and conduct qualification interviews

DBM Partners is a consulting agency specializing in digital risk management: Cybersecurity, Digital Workplace, Information Governance, Projects... DBM Partners is constantly on the lookout for candidates on a profile basis (not on an assignment basis). However, CRM profiles have little or no presence on traditional job boards. Recruitment was complex, and their team of in-house recruiters didn't have the time or the expertise to contact potential good candidates in volume and with precision.

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