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How to synchronize Piwaa and your CRM with N8N

OR Optimization of response processing by your Sales ;)


How to synchronize Piwaa and your CRM with N8N?

Seeing our poor salesman spending a lot of time transferring our Linkedin leads to our Hubspot CRM, we decided it was time to act. So we built an automation that exports LinkedIn leads from Piwaa to Hubspot via a simple button.

Exporting leads from Piwaa

On the Piwaa messaging system, we’ve added a webhook. Piwaa’s webhook will send the essential information from the LinkedIn lead to our tool to create a contact record in our CRM. This will enable us to recover :

  • First name, Last name, Job title, Mail, LinkedIn URL, Location, Phone (if available), Piwaa tags and LinkedIn conversation
//What is a Webhook?
A Webhook is a quick and easy way to send and retrieve data between web applications. This is generally the entry and exit point for the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) with which N8N will interact. //

To do this, simply click on the little “Zip Zap Romaing” button on the lead concerned, and the magic… uhhh N8N, happens.

Une capture d'écran d'un compte Twitter avec une bulle de conversation.

N8N? How does it work?

N8N is an open source no-code automation tool. To put it simply, it allows you to connect tools together to perform tasks automatically, without needing to know how to code. The possibilities offered by N8N are virtually infinite, since it’s possible to connect to any API, and even add bits of JavaScript code.

In our case, we receive the data from Piwaa, via the webhook, withdraw it, then send it back to our CRM. Here’s how it works:

  1. Data reception
  2. Create a Hubspot contact (First name, Last name, Mail, Messages, Phone)
  3. Launching contact enrichment via CaptainData
  4. Create a Hubspot transaction and callback task.
Un organigramme d'un système informatique.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? 😉

Need customized development? Do you have a specific request?

N8N and anything's possible!

At Stepward, we love N8N and can’t get enough of it. The hundred or so workflows we created between January and September 2022 are proof of this. Thanks to all these workflows, we save precious hours every month, allowing us to focus on more subjects of all kinds.

What about you? Do you have that recurring task in mind that you don’t like to do and that takes up a lot of your time? You could certainly automate it with N8N and get rid of it. However, if you don’t feel you have the time to learn how the tool works and how to develop your solution, we can do it for you at Stepward.

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