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How can I get more leads on Linkedin?



Prospecting on Linkedin is a topic that has been covered many times on various blogs. That’s why our article, while recalling best practices, will focus on volume prospecting.

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh the spammer”, but you’re wrong. You need to be able to do both volume and quality in prospecting, for the simple reason that timing is everything.

You may have the most beautiful product in the world and a perfect sales strategy, but if it’s not the right time for your prospect, he won’t sign.

So that brings us to the following topic: How to prospect in volume on Linkedin?

Linkedin prospecting: best practices in 2023

Ah, Linkedin! Who would have thought that by 2023, this social network would have become the essential tool for B2B prospecting?

Do you remember the days when traditional sales prospecting dominated? Phone calls, emails, trade shows… But times change, don’t they?

What if I told you that digital prospecting, particularly via LinkedIn, has become the Holy Grail of prospecting? Do you believe me?

Let me guide you through this year’s best practices.

I) Targeting

How can I target BtoB easily with Sales Navigator?

You’re probably wondering how to reach your BtoB target audience effectively. Well, the answer is simple: LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. Here’s how to master it:

1. Understanding Sales Navigator’s potential

It’s like having a magic wand to find your potential customers. Sales Navigator is a powerful tool with a multitude of functions for filtering and searching for prospects.

2. Define your targeting criteria

Ask yourself: who are you trying to reach? Clearly define your criteria: industry, company size, position, location… Don’t start with a KPI or a Personae, but with a target. The difference is that you’re starting from existing filters, not from scratch.

3. Use search filters

It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, but with a magnet. Use the filters to refine your search and find the perfect prospects. To find out how to use the double filtering technique in Sales Navigator, please read this article.

4. Save your search

Don’t waste time going over the same ground again. Save them for quick access and optimization of your targeting process.

5. Engage in conversation

Have you found the perfect match? So go for it! Use LinkedIn’s communication tools to make initial contact, or scrape and launch yourautomation campaigns via different tools.

6. Analyze and adjust

The key is in the fit. Regularly analyze your efforts and adjust your strategy accordingly.


Sales Navigator isn’t just a tool, it’s YOUR tool. Master it, and the world of BtoB prospecting will open up to you.

II) Copywriting

What is copywriting in prospecting?

Copywriting is the art of persuading with words. In prospecting, it’s your secret weapon for captivating, engaging and converting your prospects.

Best practices in copywriting :

  1. Paraphrase their job title, but keep it vague.
  2. If you’re automating, avoid feminine/masculine agreements like “experienced”.
  3. Rephrase without saying “as”.
  4. Always indicate message deadlines.
  5. One Call To Action, not two. Ask an open-ended question to start a conversation.
  6. Watch out for merge tags like (firstname) instead of {{firstname}}
  7. Be natural and conversational.
  8. Include testimonials and social proof.
  9. Adapt your tone to your target audience.

What to avoid:

  • Thanks for adding
  • Hello, I, I, I, I I I I
  • Congratulations on your lift
  • I imagine you’re busy
  • Nice to meet you on Linkedin

Little bonus: the best copywriting can be written in just a few minutes. The more time you spend on copywriting, the more fake and overly commercial it becomes. Here are some examples of effective copywriting to give you some ideas.

III) Response management

Screenshot of a Web page displaying mirrorchat tags

Efficiently manage multiple email accounts with MirrorChat

Managing multiple LinkedIn accounts can be a headache, especially when it comes to messaging. Fortunately, MirrorChat is here to save the day.

MirrorChat features :

  • Organizing conversations: everything is within easy reach, thanks to a tagging system.
  • Automated responses: Save time by automating.
  • Prospects’ contact details: Everything you need is just a click away.
  • Safety: Sleep soundly.
  • Accessibility: Wherever you are, MirrorChat is with you on mobile or PC.

How do I use MirrorChat?

It’s child’s play. Connect your LinkedIn accounts, and that’s it!

To find out more about MirrorChat, click here.

Having examined the current methods of prospecting on Linkedin in 2023, it’s clear that these techniques are evolving. The strategies employed today differ from those of 2020. In short, we have identified three key elements: precise targeting, effective copywriting and a well-established procedure for managing returns.

The problem is that our target is very large, and contacting several thousand people can take a long time.

How to increase your prospects on Linkedin

With the new Linkedin guidelines, it has become almost impossible to exceed the Linkedin quotas imposed by the automation tools.

As a result, we are limited to contacting only between 100 and 200 people each week. Depending on your target and response rate, the prospecting capacity of a single Linkedin profile may not be enough to fill a salesperson’s agenda.

That’s why it’s so important to equip your sales rep with several Linkedin accounts. Imagine a sales rep without a computer or telephone… Nonsense! Similarly, in 2023, for a salesperson to be successful on Linkedin with just one Linkedin account seems unrealistic.

However, creating a fake Linkedin account isn’t as easy as it sounds, as we explain in this
this article

That’s where MirrorProfiles comes in to make your job easier.

With a competitive rate of 100 euros/month for 1 MirrorProfiles FR account with no commitment, renting a MirrorProfiles account offers you a secure, turnkey method of prospecting on Linkedin thanks to a warmed-up Linkedin account, ready for automation right from the start.

These accounts were created and “warmed up” over several months. Our five security measures guarantee a blocking rate of less than 5% on all our accounts:

  • A unique digital identity for each Linkedin account.
  • Manual preparation to reach over 500 contacts.
  • Advanced preparation with profile visits, publications, likes and comments.
  • A profile photo that escapes AI detection.
  • Patience for quality preparation.

Our Linkedin accounts perfectly mimic human behavior on the platform. They support the idea of making the best use of Linkedin and encourage the creation of a robust network.

MirrorProfiles’ distinctive advantage is its replacement guarantee. If an account is suspended, a replacement is provided within 24 hours.

Renting a MirrorProfiles account may seem less advantageous thanbuying a Linkedin account at first glance, but it guarantees consistent quality and security. If the account is suspended, the loss is mutualized, unlike account sellers who abandon security after the sale.

Considering the range of tools and services available for Linkedin, why choose to rent a MirrorProfiles account? The answer is clear: it optimizes efficiency while ensuring safety.

Developed by
a growth hacking agency specialized in outbound marketing, this tool will multiply your prospecting on LinkedIn. Compatible with all available LinkedIn automation tools, you can :

  • Contacting several thousand people: with 5 accounts, that’s a volume of 1,000 people a week!
  • Keep your leads with an account that belongs to your company.
  • Protect your LinkedIn accounts and those of your colleagues.

We also offer MirrorChat, the only tool on the market that centralizes your LinkedIn messages from multiple accounts into a single interface.

And with MirrorChat, managing a dozen Linkedin accounts becomes child’s play!

Armed with several Linkedin accounts, your sales rep can reach a large number of prospects. But why do we need so much volume? What is the advantage of multiplying your prospecting efforts on Linkedin?

Why increase your prospecting volume tenfold on Linkedin

When it comes to prospecting on Linkedin, two key statistics often stand out: the acceptance rate and the response rate.

According to recent data, the average acceptance rate is around 30%. The response rate is generally less than 20%.

To find out more about these figures, I invite you to consult
this article

But beyond the numbers, there’s a fundamental element to consider: timing. But timing is all about volume!

  • Timing is crucial in business relationships. It often determines whether a sale goes ahead or not.
  • Acting too quickly can be counter-productive. It’s essential to understand the customer’s rhythm and act accordingly.
  • Each customer has his or her own pace and priorities. Understanding this can make the difference between a successful sale and a missed opportunity.
  • Excessive reactivity or procrastination is detrimental to the relationship. Finding the right balance is crucial.
  • You have to be there for the customer at the right time. This is often what determines whether or not a sale goes through.
  • Prospecting requires good timing and clear management of expectations. Without it, even the best strategies can fail.

So increasing your prospecting volume is a mathematical process. The more people you contact, the more likely you are to come across a prospect at the right time, ready to sign.

Prospecting on Linkedin is a science in itself, based on processes, A/B tests, copywriting and solid databases. This methodical approach allows you to accurately anticipate the number of demonstrations or appointments you can obtain with one Linkedin account, and to multiply this potential with the use of 2, 3, or even 10 Linkedin MirrorProfiles accounts.


Prospecting on Linkedin is an art that requires both finesse and strategy. With the right tools and the right approach, the possibilities are endless. To find out more, I recommend you read
this article on using Airtable as a CRM
this one on No / Low Code

These resources will give you an extra edge in your prospecting process.

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