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Stepward the N8N agency for automation development on N8N


In a world where companies are increasingly competitive, automation has become a necessity to keep up to date and optimize processes. Stepward is an agency specializing in automation development on the N8N platform. In this article, we’ll explore the different facets of this agency, the benefits of automation and some practical use cases for N8N.

What is N8N?

N8N is a workflow-based automation platform. It enables automated processes to be created by connecting different applications and services. This solution offers a simple, flexible way of managing and optimizing repetitive, time-consuming tasks, enabling companies to concentrate on their core business.

Stepward agency

Stepward is an agency specializing in automation development on N8N, and we’re very proud to be N8N Partners. It supports companies in setting up customized workflows to meet their specific needs. The Stepward team has in-depth expertise in the N8N platform, and works closely with customers to create effective, tailor-made solutions.

Automation with N8N

The benefits of automation

Automation with N8N offers many advantages for companies, including :

  • Time-saving and efficient
  • Reduce human error
  • Improved communication between departments
  • Data and process centralization
  • Flexibility and scalability

N8N automation use cases

N8N can be used to automate various processes in different areas such as sales, marketing, project management and human resources.

Workflow for sales

Sales process automation can include lead management, data synchronization between CRM platforms and marketing tools, and automated customer follow-up. N8N lets you create customized workflows for each stage of the sales process, improving the efficiency of your sales team.

Workflow for marketing

In the marketing field, N8N can be used to automate campaign management, performance tracking and newsletter creation and dispatch. Workflows can be adapted to the specific needs of each company, enabling better organization and greater efficiency of marketing actions.

Workflow for project management

Project management can be greatly facilitated by automation on N8N. Workflows can include task creation and management, calendar synchronization, and centralized project information. These automated processes enable better communication and greater efficiency within the project team.

Workflow for human resources

N8N can also be used to automate human resources processes, such as application management, interview follow-up or leave and absence management. Customized workflows make administrative tasks easier to manage, allowing HR managers to concentrate on more strategic aspects of their role.

Integration and API available on N8N

N8N offers a wide variety of integrations and APIs to connect the different applications and services used by businesses. These integrations enable the creation of complex, customized workflows, tailored to the specific needs of each organization. With Stepward, we can work with native integrations or any other tool with an API.

N8N security and privacy

Data security and confidentiality are essential for any company. N8N focuses on these aspects, offering features such as data encryption, access and permissions management, and on-premise hosting for businesses that want to retain full control of their data. For our part, we host N8N on our own servers to reduce your costs and boost performance.

Stepward pricing and packages

Stepward offers a range of packages and rates to suit every company’s needs and budget. These packages include options such as workflow creation and management, training and support, and access to premium N8N features.

Stepward customer service and support

Stepward is committed to providing quality customer service and responsive support to accompany its customers throughout their automation journey on N8N. Our team of experts is on hand to answer questions, solve problems and keep workflows running smoothly.

Customer testimonials on N8N projects

Many companies have already turned to Stepward to develop their automation processes on N8N. These satisfied customers testify to the quality of the services offered by the agency, the flexibility and efficiency of the workflows put in place, and the guidance and support provided throughout the project. The best way to find out is to browse through our gallery of Uses Cases.


Stepward is a partner of choice for companies wishing to develop automation processes on N8N. Thanks to their expertise and personalized approach, they enable organizations to become more efficient and competitive. Whether for sales, marketing, project management or human resources, Stepward and N8N offer solutions to suit every need.


What sets N8N apart from other automation platforms?

N8N stands out for its flexibility, ease of use and wide range of integrations with other applications and services. This platform enables you to create customized workflows to meet the specific needs of each company. What’s more, its very low costs make it much more profitable and encourage the development of new workflows, unlike solutions such as Zapier, Make… etc.

How does Stepward support companies in developing automation on N8N?

Stepward works closely with its customers to analyze their needs, and design and implement customized workflows on N8N. The agency also offers training and support to ensure the success of automation projects.

Are N8N workflows scalable?

Yes, N8N workflows are scalable and can be adapted to meet changing business needs. This flexibility makes it possible to set up long-lasting, efficient automation processes.

Is it possible to test N8N before committing to Stepward?

Yes, N8N offers a free version with limited functionality, enabling companies to discover the platform and its possibilities. Stepward can also offer demonstrations and trials to help companies assess the suitability of N8N for their needs.

How does Stepward ensure data security and confidentiality on N8N?

Stepward takes data security and confidentiality very seriously. The agency works closely with N8N to implement data protection measures, such as encryption, access and permissions management, and on-site hosting for companies that so wish, or its own hosting.

Why choose Stepward to develop your automation on N8N?

Stepward is an agency specializing in automation development on N8N, which sets it apart from other generalist agencies. Their in-depth expertise of the platform enables them to offer customized, effective solutions to meet the specific needs of each company. What’s more, their guidance and support throughout the project guarantee successful automation implementation.

How does a Stepward project work?

A Stepward project generally begins with an analysis of the company’s needs and identification of the processes to be automated. The Stepward team then designs customized workflows on the N8N platform and implements them for the customer. Throughout the project, Stepward provides training and support to ensure that workflows are used correctly and that objectives are met.

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