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Automate any online service with N8N


Automate any online service with N8N

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, image recognition… the world of technological advances is advancing rapidly, and the impact on businesses is profound. A recent Accenture report revealed that 40% of executives surveyed expect AI to have a significant impact on their company’s services and operations by 2020. We’ve started to see AI deployed in a variety of online business processes – from chatbots to virtual assistants – but there’s still plenty of potential for artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. The challenge remains how to efficiently automate processes using cost-effective technologies. Companies need tools that are flexible enough to handle a wide range of data inputs and outputs, yet intuitive enough to be adopted by users with a minimum of training. Working with APIs (application programming interfaces) can be intimidating at first, as they often involve code libraries and complex documentation. However, with the right tools, you can quickly create and deploy your own APIs without having to deal directly with the underlying code. Read on to find out how you can use N8N to automate any service by creating an API that will drive adoption by your business or your customers.

What is an API?

An API is a set of programming instructions for accessing a Web service. APIs are used by most online tools to enable connections between different applications, services and websites. For example, if you want to translate and resend your e-mails automatically, you can do so with APIs such as those of Gmail and Deepl. In short, APIs are a way of bridging the gap between your company’s different systems. They enable you to integrate different applications and services, so you can work more efficiently and use data in innovative ways.

What is N8N?

N8N is an automation platform for creating APIs, quick to set up and easy to use. It has a visual interface, so you don’t have to write code, and it supports a wide range of formats, including images, audio and video. N8N is designed for people who want to create their own APIs but have no experience of coding or APIs. It features drag-and-drop tools for selecting data sources and output types, as well as templates for common use cases. It also provides access to help documentation and a wealth of resources on the online forum.

Create your own APIs with N8N

N8N makes it easy to create APIs in just a few simple steps. Simply choose a data source (e.g. a spreadsheet or database), select the fields and data types you wish to use, and choose the output format. You can also add authentication parameters such as access rights and login requirements, and test your API with an external tool to make sure it works properly. Once your API is ready, you can integrate it into your business, applications or other services. You can also make your API public, so that others can use it to integrate it into their own applications. Once you’ve published your API, other people can use it to integrate their applications with yours, or create new applications based on your data. For example, if you run a growth hacking agency, you could create an API for your customers to send you LinkedIn scrape requests. Customers simply integrate this API into the tool of their choice and execute their requests. Your API then processes the request and returns the result to the client.

N8N automation management interface

Automate customer service with N8N

One way to leverage AI in your business is to add a virtual assistant or chatbot to your website. You can use N8N to build a bot that uses natural language processing to understand your customers’ questions and answer them appropriately. Once your robot is up and running, you can integrate it into your Slack to receive questions and respond to customers. You can also use N8N to integrate your robot with other platforms, applications or websites, such as Facebook Messenger or Skype. Once your robot is ready, you can use it to provide customer support, promote your products and services, survey your audience, and so on.

Automate lead generation with N8N

Another way to leverage the power of N8N is to create a lead generation automation API. To do this, you’ll need access to an external tool that can generate leads, like CaptainData with LinkedIn for example, and integrate it with N8N. Then all you need to do is create an entry point to your API: classic requests, form or Slack command, and make the process robust and efficient. After a development and testing phase, you can start using your API internally to increase the volume of your business unit. However, if you want to develop this API to sell its use, you need to set up a structure that allows your future customers to subscribe for a certain volume and keep track of it.

Automate marketing services with N8N

Marketing is often a highly repetitive process. You may need to collect data from prospects, track potential customers and send e-mails to your subscribers. In this case, you can use N8N to create an automated marketing process, triggered by your customers’ actions. Once your automation is ready, you can integrate it into your website, e-mail marketing service or other platforms. For example, you could create a process that collects leads on your website and sends e-mails to potential customers. Once they’ve confirmed their interest, N8N’s job is to send them to your sales team while adding them to your CRM. Once your automation is ready, you can publish it as an API for public access.


Automation is a key trend that is increasingly affecting businesses in all sectors. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can now automate more business processes than ever before. With N8N, you can create your own APIs to automate just about any process. You can use N8N to create your own APIs for any type of data, including images, audio and video. Whether you need to automate customer service, marketing or supply chain processes, N8N can help.

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